My name is Susan.  I am the owner of WalkTime
For Pets, LLC.   I am also an animal rescuer.   My
life is pretty much spent with animals.  I love them,
have respect for them, and care about them.   I
have over 40 yrs of experience with animals, and
have enjoyed every minute of it

You are here because you are in need of dog
walker or petsitter to watch your pet while you are
either at work or going away.  You have come to
the right place.   I understand what it's like to try
and find someone that you believe will take the
best care of your furry baby.   You hope when you
find that person, they will be around for the life of
your pet.   I can make you that promise that I am
not going anywhere.   I care to much about
animals and I enjoy spending my days/nights with

I had 5 dogs of my own, all have passed away
from age or cancer and I foster occassionally for a
Baltimore City Rescue.  You can click on the
Rescue link above to learn more about them.   I
also have 2 birds.
WalkTime For Pets, LLC~~All Rights
Pet CPR And First  
Aid Certified
  WalkTime For Pets, LLC
 Northern Baltimore County
All Animals Welcome
Bonded  Insured