Overnights For

$100--arrive 11pm
depart 7am

Overnights For

$100--arrive 11pm
depart 7am

House Sitting
w/out animals 1 visit a day


House sitting w/out animas (live in)

$100 pet day
Rates Starting at per visit)
Visit Type
$10 is added on per visit to
regular rates when visits
are on a Holiday
There is a $5 additional fee per
dog when there is 3 dogs or
more.   There is a $5 additional
fee per cat when there is 3 cats
or more

Please schedule adequate time
to provide the services
requested.  If your pet or home
needs more time then
scheduled, it will be added as
needed and billed to you.   
  • Payment in full is due when reservations are booked.  50% of this is non-refundable and non-transferable (Please see Refunds and Cancelations for additional information)
  • When we petsit, if you have dogs
    that are crated, they must have at
    least 3 visits a day.
  • We do NOT do every other day
    visits for cats.   They must be
    seen every day.
  • If you have an alarm system, we
    will give you our code to program
    in it.  This way you can take it out
    at anytime.
  • Visits booked with less then 24hrs notice will be charged an addtional $10 fee
Initial Booking Consultation   30-60
At this visit we can complete the
necessary paperwork, answer questions,
transfer keys, and tour your home while
discussing detailed instructions on how
to care for your pets.  This required
meeting will be scheduled at least 1 month
prior to service, unless visits are
requested with short notice.

Hourly Care   Minimum 50-60 Min
This visit is best for multiple pet homes
that are gone for longer intervals.   This
gives us time to spend quality time with
your pets and make sure they are getting
the attention they need.  This is also
good when you need us to water your
grass and flowers and do poop pickup.

Extended Visit   Minimum 40-45 Min
Best for long walks, multiple pet homes,
and pets with special diets or special
needs.  Good for horses & hobby farms,
and lawn watering.  

Regular Visit      Minimum 20-30 Min
Our most popular choice.  Good for many
multiple pet homes, supervised feedings,
walks, and play.  Most dogs will require
3-4 Regular visits per day for petsitting.   
Cats are best with 1 visit per day.

Value Visit     Minimum 10-15 Min
Short can be used as a quick turnout or
potty break, litter box cleaning, easy
keeper care.

{This visit is only good within 2 miles of the

Drop In        5 Minutes or less
Short drop in to transfer keys (pick up or
drop off), check iron/stove, turn off
sprinkler system, close windows.

{This visit is only good within 1 miles of the
 WalkTime For Pets, LLC
Northern Baltimore County
Refunds & Cancellations
WalkTime For Pets, LLC--All Rights
The rates listed above apply
to anyone within a 5 mile
radius of the office, excluding
the Value/Drop In/Overnight
Bonded  Insured
Burning candle for fallen animals
All Animals Welcome